Annual and tourist rental department

Annual and tourist rental department

In the Property Management Department, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive property management and rental services, whether for annual residence or tourist rental. We ensure a distinctive experience for property owners and tenants alike, by paying attention to the smallest details and providing superior services.

For annual leasing, we work to find suitable tenants for the properties and organize the leasing process very efficiently. We evaluate the needs and requirements of each client, and provide various options of properties suitable for permanent residence. We also process contracts and document management effectively, to ensure a comfortable and reliable experience for the landlord and tenant.

As for tourist rentals, we offer great opportunities for furnished and equipped properties to receive short-term guests. We manage bookings and promote properties on various booking platforms, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay experience for guests. We care about organizing regular cleaning and maintenance, and providing additional services that add value to the guest experience.

If you are looking for efficient and reliable management of your properties, whether for annual residence or tourist rental, our team is ready to meet your needs. Contact us today and let us provide you with the right solutions and expertise you need to get the most out of your property and achieve your real estate goals.

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