Turkey satisfies all investors

Turkey satisfies all investors

 Turkey satisfies all investors

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that his country is “at a level that will satisfy all investors thanks to diversified production and logistics facilities”.
During a press conference after a government meeting in the capital Ankara, Erdogan added that Turkey is seeking to attract international direct investments to it, in addition to the flow of investment portfolios.
He stressed that Turkey has the ability to provide all investors with the necessary support thanks to its strong banking system.
Stressing its durability, Erdogan said that the Turkish economy is “ready for all kinds of rigorous tests and various scenarios”.

Turkey satisfies all investors

thanks to diversified production and logistics facilities, dynamic workforce and incentives provided.

“he added. Erdogan expressed confidence in reducing the volume of inflation to single digits,

similar to his government’s success in doing so previously.
According to data from the Turkish Statistics Authority, inflation increased by 2.3% in November, and amounted to 14.03% year-on-year.
As for the country’s efforts in the fight against the coronavirus. Erdogan explained that his government is beginning to see the positive effects of precautionary measures aimed at combating the epidemic.
“We are living at a stage in the global economy that will probably enter the history of the economy.

“he said. The Turkish president called on his compatriots to reassure themselves.

trust in his government and its economic management; despite the entities (he did not mention) that are constantly sowing the seeds of pessimism. He stressed that the government will give priority to policies that will raise the employment rates of all categories, especially youth and women.
Erdogan called on his citizens to transfer their foreign currency savings to the Turkish lira, and support the economy with investments that contribute to the development of production and employment.
Erdogan spoke about some government measures to support the economy in the face of the repercussions of coronavirus prevention measures.
He pointed out that the government has already reduced the withholding rates on interest and dividends related to deposits and participation accounts in Turkish lira. Additionally.

he mentioned that the government has decided to continue working with withholding rates until March at 5% instead of 15% for term deposit accounts up to 6 months. 3% instead of 12% for one-year term deposit accounts.

and 0% instead of 10% for accounts longer than a year.


he indicated that the government will continue to reduce the VAT rate on rental services in shops from 18% to 8% until June 1, 2021.
In the same context. Erdogan explained that the government will continue to reduce the withholding tax on real estate rents from 20% to 10% until June 1 next year.
He stressed that the government will support the owners of small crafts and free professions who work in rented places, with 700 lira per month (95 dollars) in major cities.

and 500 lira (64 dollars) in other cities for 3 months.
“We will provide material support in the amount of 1000 Turkish Liras (about 126 dollars) to one million, 239 thousand, 438 people, for 3 months. “he said.
In the context of measures to prevent Kurna . Erdogan announced the imposition of a comprehensive curfew from nine in the evening of Thursday, December 31 until five at dawn on Monday, January 4, 2021.
Speaking about the National Space Program. Erdogan stressed that the moment when the flag of Turkey will fly in space is approaching.
He explained that the government will announce a detailed and provide more data on the program at a later date.

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