Turkey offers great advantages to foreign investors

Turkey offers great advantages to foreign investors

Turkey offers great advantages to foreign investors

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday Turkey offers great advantages to foreign investors who are looking for alternatives to the existing production network on the Asian continent.
This came during his participation via video conference technology, at the International Investment Summit organized by the International Investors Association in Istanbul.
Erdogan explained that foreign direct investments in Turkey worth 220 billion dollars since 2002 show the confidence of foreign investors in his country.
“Over the past two years alone, we have risen 27 places in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index 2020 ranking.

he continued.

He added that the Turkish economy is recovering successfully during the corona period at a time when many countries are experiencing economic stagnation.
“We have launched a new reform campaign in law, democracy and the economy, we want to manage the process on the widest scale and with a comprehensive consensus without excluding anyone, “he added.
“We say to all foreign investors, ’come to Turkey and see our hospitality.

he said. He stressed that the strong growth achieved by the Turkish economy in the third quarter of 2020 is an indicator of the successes achieved by Turkey during the pandemic period.
“We will improve the investment climate in the country even more through the reforms that we will carry out in the next stage, “he also said.
He stressed that his country will continue to support all efforts aimed at achieving technological transformation and increasing exports.
He pointed out that his government provided support to investors and small earners during the outbreak of the corona epidemic through the economic stability Shield package.
“The corona pandemic has changed the balance in the world and opened up new opportunities for countries with high production capacity such as Turkey, “he continued.
“We will work to exploit these opportunities through our geographical location, our strong infrastructure and our shock resistance, “he added.
He pointed out that Turkey ranks 13th globally in terms of purchasing power index, and sixth globally in terms of the number of foreign visitors, hosting more than 50 million tourists annually.
“While direct investments around the world have declined, Turkey was one of the few countries that increased its investments, as foreign investments entered our country worth 13 billion dollars in 2018,”he said.

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