More than 20 thousand investors naturalized through investment

20 ألف مستثمر تجنسوا

More than 20 thousand investors naturalized through investment

Investor Participation in Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Turkish lawyer Khalil Arslan More than 20 thousand investors naturalized through investment of opportunities to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. However, he advises against resorting to illegal methods within this framework.

Arslan’s Insights

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Arslan, specializing in facilitating transactions for Arab investors, stated, “More than 20 thousand investors have benefited from Turkish citizenship opportunities through investment so far.”

Diverse Acquisition Routes

He explained that some investors acquired citizenship individually, while others did so with their families, including children and spouses. Arslan acquired this information during a recent meeting with officials from ministries involved in citizenship acquisition through investment.

Prominent Nationalities and Trends

Citizens from Iraq, Iran, and Syria are among those acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment, primarily via real estate purchases or dollar deposits in banks. Arslan noted a recent surge in interest from Chinese citizens, reflecting a growing global inclination toward investing in Turkey.

Legal Criteria and Financial Thresholds

According to Turkish legislation, any foreigner purchasing property or properties worth $250,000 or placing a $500,000 deposit in Turkish banks can apply for Turkish citizenship, provided they do not divest from these assets for three years.

Motivations and Benefits

When asked about investors’ motivations for pursuing Turkish citizenship, Arslan cited various reasons. He highlighted the global mobility and improved standard of living associated with Turkish citizenship. The robust Turkish passport facilitates visa acquisition for European and other countries, sometimes even allowing entry without a visa, thereby incentivizing investors.

Equal Rights and Legal Procedure

Arslan emphasized that Turkish citizenship obtained through investment grants full rights equivalent to those of native Turkish citizens. He outlined the steps for acquiring citizenship through investment.

stressing the importance of adhering to legal procedures to avoid future complications.

Warning Against Illegal Methods

Arslan cautioned against resorting to illegal methods, emphasizing that such actions could jeopardize investors’ future prospects. He reiterated Turkish authorities’ vigilance in detecting and addressing such breaches.

with legislative amendments in the pipeline to tackle loopholes.

Legal Consequences

Arslan underscored that obtaining citizenship through fraudulent means could lead to its revocation by court order, emphasizing Turkey’s adherence to the rule of law. He urged investors to abide by legal procedures, as failure to meet requirements could result in legal action to revoke citizenship.

Conclusion: Compliance and Consequences

In conclusion, Arslan reiterated the repercussions of failing to fulfill stipulated conditions, stressing the government’s prerogative to initiate legal proceedings for citizenship withdrawal.

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