Komorhan Bridge, the fourth largest in the world

Komorhan Bridge, the fourth largest in the world

Komorhan Bridge, the fourth largest in the world

Inauguration of “Kumurhan” Bridge:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remotely participated in the opening ceremony of the “Kumurhan” bridge and tunnel linking the provinces of Elazig and Malatya in eastern Turkey.

A Monumental Project:

During his speech via video call from Istanbul. Erdogan highlighted the significance of the Komorhan Bridge, the fourth largest in the world. with a single tower height of 168.5 meters and a suspended section length of 380 meters.

Local Ingenuity and Symbolism:

Erdogan emphasized that the bridge, spanning 660 meters over the Euphrates River, stands as a testament to Turkish engineering prowess, constructed entirely with local resources.

He underlined its symbolic importance as a representation of Turkey’s strength and capabilities.

Cost and Connectivity:

The project, costing 720 million Turkish Liras (approximately 96 million dollars). serves as a crucial link between various regions within Turkey. Erdogan highlighted its role in reducing travel time and fuel consumption.

while also facilitating connectivity between Elazig and Malatya.

Integral to Regional Development:

Erdogan expressed confidence that the “Kumurhan” bridge will not only enhance transportation efficiency but also spur regional development. By shortening the distance between airports in Elazig and Malatya. he anticipates a positive impact on the economic landscape of the region.

2021: The Year of Reforms

In a broader context. Erdogan reiterated his commitment to reforms in 2021. aiming to fortify Turkey’s position as a robust and progressive nation. Economic and judicial reforms are emphasized to bolster investment, production, employment, and fundamental freedoms, aligning with Turkey’s overarching goals.

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