“Turkish Airlines” Istanbul airport is in the first places of Europe

الخطوط التركية الأولى أوروبيا

Istanbul airport and Turkish Airlines “THY” occupied the first places in the number of daily flights in Europe for the past week.

According to the air traffic report issued by the European Organization for the safety of air navigation “EUROCONTROL”, Turkish Airlines surpassed its competitors in Europe with an average of 596 daily flights between January 18 and 24.

The report pointed out that the Turkish company Pegasus Airlines, ranked fifth in the list, with an average of 247 flights per day.

He added that Istanbul Airport ranked first among European airports with an average of 484 daily flights during the same period.

He explained that Istanbul Airport reached the highest number of daily flights on Friday, with 564, followed by Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, then Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, and Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

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